So Quick to Judge

I don't know what the fuck this is but whatever


So "Yeezus" leaked.  And it's been about less than 12 hours and already people are trashing Mr. West's latest project.  Whether Kanye meant for it to happen or not, I could care less about.  What troubles me is that with the amount of hype that came for this album simply because Kanye West has the ability to stop time only for people to trash all over it is kinda disappointing.  Not in a sense that it's "bad" according to a lotta people but because it hasn't even sunk in yet.

Some time ago, Daft Punk's album "Random Access Memories" was allegedly leaked or streamed or whatever the fuck they're calling it now.  And people shitted all over it.  I was one of them.  Because people tend to have a preconcieved notion on what the album is going to sound like.  And that's not fair to these artists that work their asses off for your entertainment.  Because some time down the road, that very album everyone was trashing was recieving (somewhat) critical praise.  

Same goes for when Nas' "Life is Good" album was leaked to the public.  Instantaneously, everyone on the rap blogs and on the twitter feed began judging the album.  It was like everyone needed to give out their reviews before everyone else did just to get those hits.  Lo and behold, "Life is Good" was once again given high regard.  Maybe not as high as people wanted but a lot higher than the first 12 hours.

The thing is with a lot of these internet critics is that they go into these new albums that get "leaked" and immediately expect a duplicate of the last few albums that the artist made.  So when I'm hearing all these shit about how "Yeezus" is such a disappointment, this stems from an opinion that "Yeezus" is going to sound like something close to "Watch the Throne" or "College Dropout."  Remember "808 and Heartbreaks" was shitted on too (frankly, that's a matter of opinion).  Same goes for Common's "Electric Circus" that was produced by J-Dilla whom some call Dilla's best work.

"Yeezus" has only been out for less than a day.  Give it some time.  And after previewing it myself, it's not exactly the classic 'Ye everyone wants.  Maybe because I listen to a lot of electronica and most Kanye fans............don't.  But I can understand how they're not ready for his experimentation on this album.  You have to give it time to marinate.  Adjust to the new sound.  I'm not saying set your expectations low, just stop setting them so fucking high and wanting "ERRMUR GURRD ERBRUM URV DA YUURRRRR".  I promise you they'll bump this album (and probably have some house/dubstep remixes) to his music and you WILL go to his sold out shows.

As I said, each new album will not be an exact replica of the previous one.  So calm down and enjoy the music instead of being so quick to judge.

Dia2ill Sabotages Las Vegas

As I've stated before DIA2ILL went out of town with counterpart, Identity Unknown.  And frankly, whatever happens in Vegas will get recorded by NRG Visions.  Partaking in a DJ festival in the heart of Las Vegas, DIA endeavored in what he does best: Drinking, Partying, and Performing.  And if you've ever been to a DIA2ILL show then you know what to expect.  Nothing but pure energy, rage, and a robot.  IDU brings the live percussion crashing through the performance. 

Leave it to NRG Visions with the camera angles, the slick edits, the commentary, and getting the booty just right.  Juuuuuust right.

For reference, here's DIA's first video "Sabotage" produced by J-Scrilla.  With some Beastie Boys elements, Sabotage stars DIA on the run from zombies and asking for the help from his friends.  It's not your typical rap video because how many times do you REALLY need to see a dude walking around his hood with his boys or poppin' bottles using a camcorder?  How many?  Trust me.  Be enthralled.

By the way....I didn't write the script for this.

Stumble Upon: Okie Boys ft. JC - Grindin'



I've trashed many a terrible music video before.  I've also destroyed lyrically terrible rappers.  And sometimes I think that my point gets across to the masses.  And sometimes I think niggas don't read.  That being said I'm glad that these two lame cats from Oklahoma decided to put their money together and make a somewhat decent video.  Because it's good quality and mild editting that you really can't knock.  That doesn't make this any less terrible though.


I can't even find a fuckin' word other than terrible.  Because the Okie Boys expect me to take this song seriously when you have some randoh white boy in his job interview attire saying "smokin' on dat kisha."  I expect this video to go uphill.  But no.  There's some weird acid trip you have to go through during the chorus where Job Interview is under a bridge spittin' some hot 2 bar hook.  No autotune.  Because that shit's too mainstream.


Let's assume that they're in Oklahoma.  And not by the criminally offensive face tattoo but by the cadillacs and the shiny rims that the are a distinct part of Oklahoma.  But it's kinda hard for the believeability when you're rapping by the harbor or something when the LARGEST BODY OF WATER IS FUCKING LAKE EUFUALA!


Almost there, guys. Almost there.

Stumble Upon: Man At Arms


So.......this is awesome.  This is awesome because there's a dude out there that actually is taking the time to fufill your cosplay fantasies and build the very weapons you know and love.  And make that shit work.  


Tony Swatton is a blacksmith who's created many weapons for movies like Blade, Zorro, and Pirates of the Carribbean.  So I guess he decided to challenge himself or insulge his love for creating eapons or just do something for the fans out and create weapons by request.  And it's not some type of bullshit you'd find at an anime convention.  No this shit works.  And this shit will kill you if put in the wrong hands.  It's legit and he goes into vivid detail so you're not bored looking at him using unique machinery I've never seen before like....the multiple hammer hit thing or the curved thingy machine.


It's worth looking at.  The vid of him making the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts is special.  Now imagine if this guy had access to Vibranium.  Yes....a katana made of vibranium....

Where have I been?

When was the last time I posted on this?  What have I been up to?  Am I still with the killing?  Well I can only answer one of these questions because frankly why the hell am I going to tell you my super secret missions. I mean like...that defeats the purpose.  I'm a stealth assasin.  A bounty huner.  A killer who scours within the night.  Why in the fuck am I going to tell you what I've been doing?  There are people trying to kill me.  They are TRYING. TO KILL. ME.  You can't just give that shit away!  I mean damn what the fuck you think this is.


But I digress...


Since the last time I've posted I've grown somewhat fond of Hip Hop by discovering artists that are actually worth listening to.  Also why I was away I came back to my Electronic roots and decided to jump back into this resurgence of dance music full of fancy lights and pumped up beats and crazy costumes.


I also gotta girlfriend.........for now.  Which means you ladies need to give the kid some space. (I'm the Kid by the way).  That's right a lucky lady has stepped foot into my life and tornado kicked my heart.  I can't exactly tell you if that's a good thing or not but it's something cool to say.

As for DIA2ILL, last I heard from him he was in Las Vegas.  And since he got back....he...hasn't exactly told me what the hell he did there.  I mean not even I can find out and I'm Dat Dude last I checked.  I find out all types of shit.  But whatever.  Not like he killed someone.......


Cause if he did I got nothing against it.  You hear me, I got nothing against you.  


Regardless, I'm gonna get back to blogging what I blog best.  I'm not going to lie, I kinda forgot what that is because in between last time and now there's been a lotta drinking, some therapy for my ADHD, fights to the death, and a political debate with Ann Coulter.  In her bedroom.  And not necessarily in that order.  So lemme get back to doing that.


.........she'd so get it.  Dat hatebang

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